First Strike T15 PDW

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- flagship launcher of the First Strike brand (formerly Tiberius)
- classic T15 launcher base, mounted PDW (Personal Defense Weapon)
- ideal size for CQB (Close Quarters Battle or urban combat)
- 2020 model (4th generation)
- ejection of the ball by pneumatic system
- magazine feed (magfed) for tactical games - loader feed also possible (optional)
- air supply from the rear (with a hose, not included)
- magazine feed of 20 balls (19 First Strike)
- standard 0.68 caliber, classic balls (paint), First Strike©, powder, gum or pepper
- 8.5 inch LAPCO barrel, not special FIRST STRIKE
- 850psi internal operating pressure



Comes with launcher
- 2 V2 stores (new generation)
- adjustable stock
- cleaning kit

- carrying case

Terms of purchase
- be at least 18 years old

- hold Swiss nationality or a valid settlement permit (full details of the legal provisions here )

Paintball markers are subject to the federal law on weapons, weapon accessories and ammunition (LArm). Any acquisition, even between individuals, must be the subject of a written contract which will be sent to you for signature.