radio stations

In Switzerland, but also in Europe, it is forbidden to have a radio that operates on a private channel, unless you are part of a security service, an emergency service or law enforcement.

Thus, all radios sold commercially are tuned to open public channels. The PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio) standard is set to the 446 MHz frequency. The PMR446 standard has 16 predefined channels (32 channels for digital models) in order to send and receive communications between devices of different brands and models. It is possible (on some models) to neutralize incoming communications in order to avoid interference from other users on the frequency (CTCSS or DSC jamming). Beware of radios purchased from foreign sites, most are prohibited from importation into Switzerland and will probably be seized at customs (see the OFCOM website ). In addition, the frequencies are not necessarily compatible.

All radio models sold by Tactical Shop are PMR446 compatible

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