Adjustable trigger for Eclipse EMF100 SILVER

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- adjustable trigger for Eclipse EMF100 launcher
- allows you to adjust the trigger according to your playing style
- the trigger slightly longer and flatter than stock (more blade-like) to increase leverage and make finger placement easier to feel natural

- designed by Inception Designs


- aluminium, SILVER finish

Possible adjustments
- front stop adjustment screw (to eliminate play before the safety is in place). Always make sure your safety is functional after adjustment (vertical screw)
- trigger activation point adjustment screw (upper screw on the trigger blade)

- adjustment screw of the rear trigger stopper (lower screw of the trigger blade)

Adjustment screws aligned horizontally so that force on the trigger shaft only pushes it back into the valve instead of down, preventing jams and making the trigger as smooth as possible.

Eclipse EMEK
Eclipse ETHA

Eclipse MG100/EMF100